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Annual Baba Marta Celebration - 2019

The Glen Echo Folkdancers present its Annual
Baba Marta Celebration
All Bulgarian, All the Time
Live music with

Lyuti Chushki

Thursday, March 2, 2017
7:30-11:00 pm

Church of the Redeemer
6201 Dunrobbin Drive, Bethesda, MD (just off MacArthur Blvd)
Glen Echo, MD

Teaching basic Bulgarian dances: 7:30 pm
Party: 9 – 11 pm

Please bring a snack/beverage to share

Admission $15

Directions: http://www.dancingplanetproductions.com/folkdance.htm

A little background of Baba Marta

Before the beginning of March each year Bulgarians present to relatives and friends martenitsa (also known in some Bulgarian regions as martenka) – a double red and white tassel – to bring health and happiness. On the first day of March, people in Bulgaria put the martenitsa-s on their clothes or wrists and wish each other health and happiness with “Chestita baba Marta” – (in English, “Happy Grandma Marta”). “Marta” comes from the word for March (Mart) in Bulgarian.

This is an ancient Bulgarian (pagan) tradition (well – nobody knows how old but most probably it’s more than one thousand years old) and symbolizes the end of the cold winter and the coming of the spring.

Martenitsa-s are supposed to be worn until the person sees the first stork (supposedly returning from the South and not the one in the Zoo). Then martenitsa-s are thrown onto a tree. The red and white colours symbolize the snow and the blood from an old story where, a stork brings the blessing for health to a small child from its parents, who are far away. The giving of the martenitsa makes you feel to expect the Spring very soon. The “arrival” of the stork indicates that this has happened.

The lack of “real” winter and storks (not a lot of them in the cities) raises some difficulties in implementing this tradition nowadays but Bulgarians are still celebrating and very fond of the 1st of March (in a traditional and “modern” way at the same time).

Info: Jamie Platt or 301-466-3018

Venue: Church of the Redeemer

Location: 6201 Dunrobbin Drive, Bethesda, MD (just off MacArthur Blvd) Glen Echo, MD

Admission: $15


Celebration with the Bulgarian Community of Richmond

The Bulgarian school and community of Richmond invites you to celebrate! There will be a short performance by the kids of the school, Zunica (the local Richmond group) will perform and then the dance party will commence with music from you favorite Bulgarian band.

Venue: Richmond University

Location: Richmond, VA

Admission: Donations


Bossa Bistro

Join us for a night of Balkan music and dance at Bossa Bistro in Adams Morgan! This is a unique opportunity to spend a few hours with Lyuti Chushki in the heart of Washington, D.C. Bring your good mood and dance shoes!

Cost: $10 at the door


Venue: Bossa Bistro

Location: Adams Morgan, Washington, D.C.

Admission: $10 at the door


Bulgarian Music Society

The Bulgarian Music Society of Washington, founded in August 2009 through a grant from the St. George Foundation, presents Bulgarian musical culture to Washington area audiences by providing free concerts to the public. We invite you to view our list of scheduled performances during the 2018-2019 Concert Season and to learn more about the Society.

The Bulgarian Music Society is proud to host a night with Lyuti Chushki as part of the 2019 concert line-up.

Venue: The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria

Location: 1621 22nd Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20008

Admission: Free


Bulgarian dance party with Lyuti Chushki

Party organized by Judy Stafford
Workshop sponsored by CHIFDC and RIFD
Trianglefolkdancers is a folk dance community with whom Lyuti Chushki has a very strong and log-standing partnership of over 10 years. Judy Stafford once again is our host and we are excited to party with our North Caroline friends this spring.
Friday workshop session is at Glen Eden in Raleigh.

Saturday sessions and party will take place at Pleasant Green Community Center in Durham.

Venue: Glen Eden Pilot Park

Location: Raleigh, NC

Admission: TBD