Listen to live recordings from the Takoma Park Folk Festival, September 2009

Lyuti Chushki  are “hot peppers” and you can’t have a feast without them! We have been playing for weddings, concerts, festivals, dance parties and workshops since 1997. We play traditional Bulgarian instruments in modes and rhythms of ancient provenance with vocal stylings now world renowned. We are Valeri Georgiev, kaval (end-blown flute) and gaida (bagpipe), Boril Peychinov, accordion, Bryndyn Weiner, tupan (big drum) and Tzvety Weiner, vocals.


Left to Right: Tzvety Weiner (vocals), Valeri Georgiev (kaval, gaida), Boril Peychinov (accordion, vocals), Bryndyn Weiner (tûpan)