International Folk Dancing at Greenbelt, MD.

World Music and Dance Institute and Dancing Planet Productions – is a non-profit organization that produces Buffalo on the Danube (Labor Day International Music and Dance Weekend), Glen Echo Folkdancers, Family Concerts and Dances, Special Events: Concerts, Dance Potpourri, Workshops, Inaugural Ball. Contact Jamie and Betsy Platt.

The Bulgarian Community Center of Washington DC — Our mission is to unite all Bulgarians in the Washington, DC area and perpetuate our religious, cultural, and ethnic identity through organized events to which all are invited. We would like to share the most valued assets of our culture with friends and neighbors in the US. Holiday celebrations, anniversaries, concerts and movie festivals, we have it all! Come and join the party!

Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band — Zlatne Uste (Golden Lips) is an internationally known group of American-born musicians playing traditional music of the Balkans, primarily representing Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian and Romany (Gypsy) traditions. Four-time invited guest at the Dragachevo Brass Festival in Gucha, Serbia, the 12-piece band is among the foremost presenters of traditional Balkan dance music in the United States.

Balkan Cafe – Balkan Cafe takes place once a month at Hungarian House, 213 E 82nd St. between 2nd & 3rd Aves, New York. There are tables for listening and a dance floor if you choose to move. It’s the place to experience some really excellent
regional folk music in a smoke-free setting. Homemade ethnic snacks/light dinner are available. All are welcome.

Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar taking place every summer in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
The Seminar is especially designed for non-Bulgarians who would like to have a more in-depth Bulgarian folk music and dance learning opportunity than is normally available to groups or individuals traveling to Bulgaria. Included in the program are instrument classes, singing classes and dance classes, featuring village “masters” teaching material from their particular regions of Bulgaria.

Robert Snider, Bulgarian Masters Series — Please visit Bob Snider’s web site if you need to learn more about the Bulgarian Masters series which is a unique collaboration between Lyuben Dossev (Bulgaria), Cathie Springer (NJ), Bob Snider (OH) and the wonderful people whose phenomenal musicianship is portrayed in the booklets.