About Us

Tzvety Weiner (vocals)

Vocals by Tzvety WeinerTzvety Weiner, from Plovdiv, Bulgaria, was raised in a family steeped in Bulgarian folk music, but she didn’t start singing this music until coming to the States in 1998. Tzvety’s parents are both well-known and highly respected musicians in Bulgaria, and since she began singing here with Lyuti Chushki, she has also collaborated with her parents on CD projects in Bulgaria. In addition, Tzvety sings with the traditional Macedonian band Luk Na Glavata, and with a local women’s group, Slaveya.

Valeri Georgiev (kaval)

Kaval — Valeri Georgiev

Valeri Georgiev was born in the village of Nikopol in northern Bulgaria and has been playing kaval since his youth. After completing his studies in Kotel and Academy of Music and Dance Arts in Plovdiv, Valeri organized and worked with Folk Theater Naiden Kirov and Orchestra Horo in Russe, North Bulgaria.

Boril Peychinov (accordion)

Boril Peychinov was born in Russe, in northern Bulgaria. As a teenager, he started to play accordion for different folk dance groups, and later worked with Valeri Georgiev in Folk Theater Naiden Kirov. He completed his education at University of Shumen. Boril and his family came to the United States in 2013.


Larry Weiner (tupan)

Tupan - Larry Weiner Larry Weiner has been involved with Balkan traditional music and dance since the early 1960s. Principally a dance researcher, he has made numerous trips to Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Hungary to study traditional dance in its native setting. Larry has taught Balkan dance workshops throughout North America and has directed various Balkan music and dance camps for over 40 years.  He has played tupan for many years with different Balkan bands in the DC area, and is also an avid collector of music from the Balkans.